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Keyword Research

The first thing we do is research the keywords that are relevant to your business. Finding the most important keywords is vital to the rest of the work.


On Site Optimization

Most websites just do not do a good job of telling the search engines what you want to show up for. Solving this issue will help your site rank for more search terms


Link Building

The more links you have from sites that the search engines trust the more trust the search engines have in your site. We only build high quality hand entered links


Competition Metrics

We not only evaluate your website, we evaluate the websites of your competition to see what we need to do to overcome them.


SEO Has the Highest ROI of Any Inbound Marketing Effort

There are 11 Billion Google Searches Per Mont. 70% of those never click on the ads they only choose the organic results. How often do you click on the ads? 95% of Searchers Never Go Past Page 1.

  • Get found for the keywords that are most relevant for your business

  • Organic search results get more clicks and a higher conversion rate than PPC

Social media helps you reach your target audience.

Of all inbound marketing efforts social media has the second highest ROI behind SEO combining the two can really boost your reach. Our social media program will post five days a week to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and your Google My Business listing.

Step 1
Keyword Research
You know what they should be searching, we find out what else they are searching.
Step 2
On Site SEO
The process of telling the search engines exactly what your site is about and what you should be showing up for.
Step 3
Link sites that Google trusts to your site
Building high quality links is the single most important thing for high and lasting rankings.
Step 4
Track Your Progress
See where you started and how much progress your site makes each month.
Step 5
Google Analytics
Keep track of how many clients are finding your website each month and where they look at once they are there.
Step 6
Social Media
Increase your reach by posting to Facebook, twitter, pinterest and more Monday through Friday
Step 7
Now that traffic is coming to your website, get a second bite at the apple by staying in their minds with re-targeting.
Step 8
Conversion Optimization
You are driving traffic is it converting into business? Is there something that your site needs to improve to increase conversions? We take a hard look and see what can be improved.
Step 9
Delivering Results
In the end its all about making YOU money. Results matter!
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